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~Charlene E. Proper~                

A loving Wife, A true Best Friend, Mom, Grandma "SweetHeart".

This Memorial is created in Loving Memory of our Mother, Charlene Proper.

Born 12/01/38

Reported "upstairs" 12/14/08

Jesus told her to come home at the age of 70.

Although unexpectedly

removed from her family,

to us

She will be in our hearts forever.

We love you Mom...


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Tributes and Condolences
Grandma I now know why your gone   / Charlotte Rentz (First Grand Child )
Grandma, At first I was so upset that you left. I have my own reasons for those feelings that I hadn't yet shared with you. And I know that once you left that you knew the reasons why, and i'm sorry you had to find out that way instead of me getting ...  Continue >>
Our Condolences to the Family   / Raphael &. Meta (Sister in Christ )
Our Condolences to the Family and may God bring comfort to you during this time. Please keep the faith as we all are appointed a time to
meet Jesus, and if you have faith in Him, we all will live together in eternity someday soon.

Go...  Continue >>
  / Bobbie Connor (sister-in-law)
God's blessings to you my dear sister in law.  Your sunny disposition, quick wit and sense of humor will remain in my heart forever.Love always,  Bobbie
My Condolences To Your Family   / Karen Fenton (Family Friend )
All my heart felt prayers are with you.  I pray that God will lift your spirits and give you strength to endure your loss.  TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART: AND LEAN NOT UNTO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING.
For Jim and Family   / Bob And Robin Bender (Friend)
Jim,While we rejoice in Charlene's transition to Heaven, we grieve with you and your family for your loss of her daily presence.  We know she will be missed beyond words.  We are grateful we had the opportunity to know her.  We pray fo...  Continue >>
We love you  / Debbie Maggard (Friend)    Read >>
for Jim  / Robin Knapp (friend)    Read >>
Best Friend and Buddies  / Pat &. Rick Hagaman (Best Buddies )    Read >>
Our prayers are with your family!  / Bob &. Annie Watkins (Friend)    Read >>
Charlene... full of the joy of the Lord.  / Paula Nafziger (Friend, Sister-in-Christ )    Read >>
Charlene goodbyes  / Johnnie Young (friend)    Read >>
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~Charlene~ Loving Wife, Mom, Grandma Sweetheart, and Friend
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